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Freedom Motor’s goal is to offer to our customers, excellent cars at an affordable price.

Mohammed Alghfafi


Young entrepreneur and business mogul Mohammed Alghafafi was raised and brought-up in the Greater-Seattle Area. Coming from immigrant parents, he experienced hands on the work ethic and business savvy required to achieve the American Dream. From a young age he worked with his father in different business until 15 years old when Mohammed’s father opened a restaurant on Lake City Way as a means to pay for Mohammed’s future education. At 18 years old Mohammed Owned a restaurant (Gyro House) in downtown Seattle on 5th Ave and Jackson, which introduced him to the business flipping industry. By age 20, he opened a pizza franchise and sold the business for a profit in just only 2 years.

During these business ventures, Mohammed was able to build a large and strong network of professionals in all industries, especially that of construction and remodeling. By June 2019, Mohammed completed his Bachelors of Science from CWU and interned at Microsoft. Mohammed wants to now use the experience he has gained over the years, his education, and network, to build success and turn people’s dreams into reality.